Coming Concerts

The COVID-19 pandemic left us without a place to perform in July 2020, so we got creative and formed four quartets who rehearsed outdoors in a park. In July 2021 we celebrated our 25th anniversary with 3 concerts the evening of July 18. We presented 5 string quartets (or trio or quintet) at each of these programs, a total of 15 string groups!

Our Gala Concert at 2 pm on Sunday, July 24, 2022, will be at the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California. Open to the public, all are welcome to attend. There is no admission fee and the exhibit will be open as well.

The Program includes …

MOZART String Quintet No. 2 in C Minor, K. 406, IV. Allegro
BRITTEN Simple Symphony, II. Playful Pizzicato
Aric Hongyi Xiao and Abby Trinh, violin
Jonathan Sun and Tiffanie Chang, viola
Richard Mott, cello

MOZART String Quartet No. 6 in B-flat Major, K. 159, III. Rondo. Allegro grazioso
ANDERSON The Syncopated Clock
Dorothy Wang and Lauren Joy Lee, violin
Jayden Yeo, viola
Phoebe Kensicki, cello

MOZART String Quartet No. 22 in B-flat Major, K. 589, I. Allegro
PORTER Anything Goes
Aston Kim and Evan Kim, violin
Jerry Sun, viola
Jack Burmahln, cello

MOZART String Quartet No. 14 in G Major, K. 387, IV. Fugue. Molto Allegro
ARLEN It’s Only a Paper Moon
Rebecca Liu and Dallas Chu, violin
Bradley Son, viola
Ethan Irianto, cello

MOZART String Quartet No. 19 in G Major, K. 565, IV. Allegro
ARLEN Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Eunice Sung and Ivana Chacon, violin
Janell Lim, viola
Sofia Roncancio, cello

MOZART String Quartet No. 23 in F Major, K. 590, I. Allegro moderato
PORTER Night and Day
Joel Kim and Michael King, violin
Elliot Kim, viola
Caitlin Walsh, cello

The Chamber Music Coaches are …

Esther Back, cello
Leslie Ho, violin/viola
David Xiao-Qiang Pan, cello
Kay Pech, violin/viola

Scholarships and Awards
The Richard Anshutz Memorial Scholarship, awarded by the faculty, is presented to a high quality musician, returning for a second (or more) summer, who demonstrates enthusiasm, dedication to completing a task and makes the effort to go above and beyond the call of duty as a musician. This Scholarship provides a full tuition grant. You may learn more about Richard Anshutz here.

The Hennings-Fischer Foundation Grant generously provided a grant that allowed us to provide every student with a $125 scholarship to lower the tuition fees.

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