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Welcome! We love CHAMBER MUSIC and want to share great music with you!

At the core of CMIsc is an opportunity to receive five intensive coaching sessions on the assigned literature (twice a week over 16 days). String Quartets (violin, viola and cello) are carefully matched and music is assigned each summer. You may see the photos/videos of our 2022 July sessions celebrating our 26 summers at https://chambermusicinstitute.com/2022-photos/


FIVE COACHED REHEARSALS July 7-22 in Cerritos, Placentia, Santa Ana, and Temple City. Each 2 hour rehearsal will include 60 minutes on a work by a woman composer, 20 minutes on an encore by a male composer, 30 minutes of improvisation, and 10 minutes break time. The evening rehearsals in Cerritos are reserved for adult participants. There will be four rehearsals in Temple City (2.5 hrs each).

CONCERT: July 23, 2023, concert at 2 pm at the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, at which we’ll create videos of your groups, free of charge. Our aim is to provide a performance opportunity for every group.

FEATURING WOMEN COMPOSERS. We now have many string quartet movements available by women composers that we want to share with you. How would it feel to play a quartet written by Teresa, Laura, Emilie, Sarah, Lisa, Fanny, Luise, or Margaret? The sounds of women’s voices in string quartets is warm, charming, flirtatious and very different from what we’ve traditionally had in a male-dominated genre. Every group will have an opportunity to learn a movement by a woman composer as well as the standard repertoire.

COVID PROTOCOLS. We follow the general masking policy aligning with the current State and County Health Department’s guidance. Indoor masking will be based on personal preference and is no longer required. 


Kay Pech, Director/Violin/Viola
Leslie Ho, Violin/Viola
Esther Back, Cello
Emily Wu, Violin/Viola

APPLY by April 25.  FEE:  no application fee, thanks to several generous donors. Scholarships of $100 each are available to players with outstanding auditions.


AUDITION (to help us place you with players of similar skill and experience)
• performing a 3 octave Major or minor scale and a solo of your choice demonstrating tone and vibrato [if this is too difficult for you, please consider waiting a year until you gain these skills]
• performers in last summer’s July 24, 2022, concert do not need to audition for July 2023 
• after you apply, you will be contacted via email for your choice of audition time on April 29 or 30, via Zoom.
• Pre-formed string quartets do not need to audition, but it would help us in selecting your assigned music; if you already know which movement you wish to study, the audition is not needed. It is highly recommended for pre-formed quartets to submit a video. Contact us for the video application procedure.

INVITATION: Selected players will be invited via email by May 5, 2023.

TUITION: $200 due by May 15, 2023. Our tuition is low, thanks to several generous donors. Scholarships of $50 are available for the 2nd participant within a family. There are no additional fees for music purchase or for the video. There are no refunds.

MUSIC is mailed in late May to participants to prepare with the help of your private teachers prior to arriving at your first rehearsal in July.

INFORMATION? QUESTIONS? contact Kay@chambermusicinstitute.com


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Women and the Violin