Welcome to Chamber Music Institute/So Cal

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet contained in our southern California area, we have decided to radically change Chamber Music Institute/So Cal for the summer of 2020. The tragedy of so many deaths in our counties leads us to decide that the best we can do is to wish for you a safe summer of good health. We encourage you to follow instructions to maintain social distancing, frequently washing your hands when “safer at home,” and wearing a mask when outdoors. At the same time we are fortunate as musicians to have the joy of playing our instruments when we’re feeling lonely or at a loss for “what to do?”  

For July 2020 we are hoping that joining together in small groups of four or less people wearing masks, keeping our distance of 6 feet apart from each other and even rehearsing outdoors will be possible. We’re giving up our July 19 concert and considering making a video of your fourth rehearsal. This will be our 24th summer together and our aim is to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birth year with every ensemble playing a movement of his music, as well as a newer work that allows for improvisation. 

Let’s celebrate Beethoven! We hope you will want to join us.

Apply by June 1

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See our 2019 PHOTOS with NEW VIDEOS for each ensemble.


Application for Performers in July 2020