Welcome to Chamber Music Institute/So Cal

We’re celebrating our 25th year in 2021,
sharing chamber music
with Southern Californians !

We have listened to more than 75 wonderful string players and
selected 13 string quartets, a trio and a quintet to perform.
All groups will rehearse a Haydn movement, and
to celebrate Piazzolla’s 100th Birth Year
we’re performing “Oblivion” and “Libertango”
and presenting the
WORLD PREMIERE of the Wallin Huff “Wabi-Sabi”

Sunday, July 18

3 programs at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30 pm
in the Lyceum Village, Tustin
Audience limited to 2 per performer

6:30 pm

Haydn String Quartet, Kodaly “Gavotte,” and Moehlmann “Pizzicato Pete”
Ian Li and Tirza Nguyen, violin
Joshua Fong and Isaac Li, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Wm. Grant Still “Summerland”
Dallas Chu and Aric Hongyi Xiao, violin
Harriet Lai, viola . . . . Arianna Lai, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Gearhart “Suite Land of Liberty”
Ariana Perez and Elaine Nguyen, violin
Sabrina Lin, viola Nathan Lin, cello Meggie Nguyen, double bass

Haydn String Quartet, Jeanrenaud “Knock,” and Grier “Skeleton in the Closet”
Connor Ho and Sun-Joon Han, violin
Martin Chrisman and Eric Fong, cello

Haydn String Quartet, and Arlen “It’s Only a Paper Moon”
WORLD PREMIERE … Wallin Huff “Wabi-Sabi”
Kaylee Maeng and Caleb Fong, violin
Dylan Jacobsen, viola . . . . Devan Jacobsen, cello

7:30 pm

Haydn String Quartet, Piazzolla “Oblivion”
David Wang and Aydin Lee, violin
Jacob Wong, viola . . . . Josephine Velez, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Jeanrenaud “Knock,” and Hudson “Rumble Seat”
Victoria and Audrey Chun, violin
Sam Rezaeian, viola . . . . Isaac Chun, cello

Haydn String Trio, Walker “Short Set: Rhythm & Blues”
David Doo, violin Christina So, viola
Karina Gomez-Torres, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Glass Quartet Satz, and Atwell “Continuen”
Aaron Ogawa, Emma Lee and Chloe Wei, violin
Julia Kleindorfer, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Piazzolla “Libertango,”
WORLD PREMIERE … Wallin Huff “Wabi-Sabi”
Aston Kim and Eunice Sung, violin
Melody Sun, viola . . . . Joseph Sung, cello

8:30 pm

Haydn String Quartet, Piazzolla “Libertango”
Joel Kim and Esther Wu, violin
Jarrett Huang, viola . . . . Nina Wu, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Kodaly “Gavotte,” Moehlmann “Pizzicato Pete”
Bella Huang and Evan Kim, violin
Jayden Yeo, viola . . . . Christopher Gomez, cello

Haydn String Quartet “The Joke,” Wm. Grant Still “Summerland”
Kerry Wang, Lola Yan and Sergio Gomez, violin
Sophia Slott, cello

Haydn String Quartet, Bielawa “The Trojan Women,” Piazzolla “Libertango”
Daniel Apolonio and Ethan Lin, violin
Anabelle Su and Samantha Ko, cello

Haydn String Quartet, WORLD PREMIERE … Wallin Huff “Wabi-Sabi”
Joshua Kim and Lin-Chiun Wang, violin
Bryan Ryu, viola . . . . Ethan Irianto, cello

See PHOTOS and VIDEOS of our quartets in 2020.


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