1997 Photos

Gala Concert in July 1997

1997-giggles copy
Holding Back Giggles … almost …
Philip Cheng, Chaney and Sunny Lin, violin
1997-quartet copy
String Quartet
David Lee, Julie Chung, Kelly Hwang, violin — Jon Andreas, cello
1997-worcester-tablemusic copy
Mozart Table Music — Lynn and Leya Worcester, violin
1997-cottrell copy
Cottrell Family Trio —Abigail and Anna Cottrell, violin — Nathan Cottrell, cello

1997-creanga-trio copy

1997-creanga-trio2 copy
String Trio — Ramona Creanga and Marina Sharifi, violin — Andrei Creanga, cello
1997-cheng-philip+henry copy
Philip and Henry Cheng, violin
1997-worcester-qtt copy
String Quartet — Lynn and Leya Worcester, violin — James Rollins, viola; Christine Lin, cello
1997-Hou-trio copy
String Trio — Eric Hou, violin — Julie Den Ouden, viola — Jamie Peregrine, cello
1997-lin-sunny+chaney copy
Chaney and Sunny Lin, violin
1997-violas4 copy
4 violists: Julie Den Ouden, Eric Hou, Sunny Lin and Kay Pech
1997-violin3 copy
3 violinists: Daniel and Jeffrey Kuo with Sunny Hwang
1997-pech+andreas copy.jpg
Kay Pech, viola, and Jon Andreas, cello

Faculty: Kay Pech, Director/Violin & Viola
Richard Anshutz, Violin & Viola
Manon Robertshaw, Cello

Our first few years were split between Cerritos and homes in Mission Viejo that hosted our rehearsals held once a week for four weeks. Our concerts were participating in the MTAC-Long Beach summer chamber music festivals at the end of July, chaired by Kay Pech.

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