2003 Photos

Gala Concert in July in Long Beach

2003Mozart-Hunt copy
Mozart “Hunt” Quartet in C, K. 458, I. Allegro vivace assai
Darrell Peries and Jeffrey Kuo, violin
Daniel Kuo, viola; Nathan Cottrell, cello
2003Dvorak-American copy
Dvorak “American” Quartet in F, op. 96, IV. Finale
(L to R) Chaney Lin, violin; Stephanie Kim, cello; Sunny Lin, viola; Lois Bang, violin
Mendelssohn Quartet in E-flat, op. 12, II. Canzonetta
Borodin Quartet No. 2 in D, II. Nocturne
(L to R) Scott Loh and Jonathan Sun, violin; Michael Fan, cello; Percy Wong, viola
Haydn “Lark” Quartet in G, op. 64/5, I. Allegro moderato
(L to R) Patrice Ayala, viola; Carol Tavis, cello; Marina Sharifi and Deanna Cheung, violin
2003Dvorak copy
Dvorak Quartet in D Minor, op. 34, IV. Finale
Sarah Wallin and Christie Yoo, violin
Gayle Adkins, viola; Karen Olzak, cello
(L to R) Gayle Adkins, viola; Christie Yoo, violin; Karen Olzak, cello; Sarah Wallin, violin
Schubert Quartet in A Minor, op. 29, I. Allegro ma non troppo
(L to R) Katie Kroko, viola; Catarina Bang, cello; Lauren Forbes and Alison Chai, violin
2003Haydn-Mendelssohn copy
Haydn “Riders” Quartet in G Minor, op. 74/3, IV. Finale
Mendelssohn Quartet in E-flat Major, op. 12, II. Canzonetta
Christina Knudson, Kristine Moy and Paul Nguyen, violin; Peter Liu, cello

(L to R) Christina Knudson and Kristine Moy, violin; Peter Liu, cello, Paul Nguyen, violin
2003Haydn-op77 copy
Haydn Quartet in G, op. 77/1, I. Allegro moderato
(L to R) Anna Cottrell, violin; Melissa Sirisuk, cello; Sunny Hwang, violin; Katie Murtough, viola
Mozart Quartet in G Major, K. 387, I. Allegro vivace assai
(L to R) Jaime Lee, violin; Jesse Cottrell, viola; Matthew Shen, cello; Daphne Medina, violin
Mozart String Quartet in C, K.157, I. Allegro, III. Allegro
(L to R) Jennifer Franklund and Karyn Haitz, violin; Julian Sharifi, cello; Oliva Cottrell, violin
2003Mozart-K157 copy
Mozart String Quartet in C, K.157, I. Allegro, III. Allegro
Olivia Cottrell, Karyn Haitz and Jennifer Franklund, violin
Julian Sharifi, cello
2003Mozart-K157x copy
Mozart String Quartet in C, K.157, I. Allegro, III. Allegro — Alana Canann, Matthew Du and Paya Sarraf, violin — Aria Sarraf, cello
Haydn “Emperor” Quartet in C Major, op. 76/3, first and third movements
(L to R) Teresa Nguyen and Jacqueline Nguyen, violin; Tony Choi, cello; Christina Nguyen, violin
Faculty: Kay Pech, Director, Violin & Viola
Richard Anshutz, Violin & Viola
Lisa Lewis, Violin & Viola
Dr. Charles Baker, Cello

Other Performances in 2003-2004

VOCE Competition…Mendelssohn and Mozart Viola Quintets
Chaney Lin and Jeffrey Kuo, violin; cellist, Daniel Kuo and Sunny Lin, violists
Cottrell Family Quartet
Olivia Cottrell, violin; Camilla Cottrell, piano; Anna Cottrell, viola; Nathan Cottrell, cello
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