2015 Photos

July 19, 2015 — Gala Concert in Cerritos, California

2015-all of us-x
At the end of the concert all of our groups gathered on stage for a final photo.


ASTAscholars-z copy

Thanks to ASTA-Los Angeles, these 8 musicians received Half Tuition Scholarships: (L to R) Connie Chang-Chien, Jacob Fernandes, Kendra Base, Kenneth Yeh, Amara Miranda, Elena Correa, Sophia Decker and Daniel Yeung with CMIsc Director Kay Pech

Mozart k387 String Quartet, I. Allegro vivace assai; Hudson “Starting Point”; Naya Char and Michelle Yeh, violin; Elizabeth Dickelman, viola; Jonathan Ku, cello
Mozart k421 String Quartet, IV. Allegretto, ma non troppo; Stravinsky Double Canon “Raoul Dufy in Memoriam”; Antoinette Mahoney and Amy Silva, violin; Halina Booy, viola; Rena Weisshaar, cello
At the end of each class, we performed what we learned during that session.
This is the Mendelssohn Quartet
Mendelssohn4z copy
Mendelssohn Quartet, op. 44/2, II. Andante espressivo — Hudson “Harvest Song”
(L to R) Katie Lantow and Connie Chang-Chien (violin), Kenneth Yeh (cello)
and Alexandra Breschini (viola)
Dvorak2z copy
Dvorak “American” Quartet, IV. Finale — Hudson “Lazy Afternoon” 
(L to R) Samuel Victoria (violin), Matthew Chong (viola), Elena Correa (cello)
with Daniel Apolonio (violin) with their coach, Kay Pech

Peter Marsh Masterclasses in Roselle Hall, Fullerton, July 16

provided by the generosity of the Hennings-Fischer Foundation

MC-Beethoven-z copy
Beethoven op. 18/4, II. Andante scherzoso quasi Allegretto
Sophia Decker and Kendra Base (violin), Daniel Yeung (cello)
and Dana Apolonio (viola)
MC-Mozart-z copy
Mozart String Quartet, k387, I. Allegro vivace assai
Naya Char (violin), Jonathan Ku (cello), Elizabeth Dickelman (viola), and Michelle Yeh (violin) with Peter Marsh

MC-Dvorak-z copy
Dvorak “American” Quartet, IV. Finale
surrounding Peter Marsh: Daniel Apolonio (violin), Matthew Chong (viola), Elena Correa (cello) and Samuel Victoria (violin)

The MAGIC of Peter Marsh

Composition Program

We offered a “composition program” designed to allow composers to bring semi-completed works and get feedback from Professor Wallin Huff and the players as these were being polished and recorded. Our two participants were Ross Casey (viola) and Nikaela Goodman (cello). Both had strong backgrounds in string playing as former participants in previous CMIsc summer programs. By working with Sarah Wallin Huff, they completed their ideas and received performances and recordings.

composers4 copy
Casey, Wallin Huff and Goodman….hmmm…..what do I want it to sound like?
Casey+Goodman-x copy
Ross Casey and Nikaela Goodman

An elite quartet that performs the works of our composers, the CMIsc Fellows receive full scholarships. In 2015 they included violinists Darrell Peries and Sophia Decker, violist [faculty] Sarah Wallin Huff and cellist [faculty] Judy Kang.

Faculty in 2015

~2015Faculty-z copy
Sarah Wallin Huff, Dr. Donald Ambroson, Kay Pech, Dr. Charles Baker and Judy Kang
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