2021 Photos and Videos of July 18 Concert

Chamber Music Institute/Southern California—July 6-18, 2021

What is it like to play outdoors in a park? …the fresh breeze of air blows by,

you clip your music down so that you can see it,

you’re wearing a mask (COVID-19 protocol) and strain to hear what someone is saying under her mask…

To celebrate our 25th summer, we offered FREE TUITION to those qualified by audition and we all worked hard in difficult conditions (extreme heat! Wind blowing music) to prepare a concert in 4 rehearsals.

Tri-City Park, Placentia
Composer Sarah Wallin Huff met with the students preparing the WORLD PREMIERE performances of her new string quartet, Wabi-Sabi.
Wallin Huff providing more advice with student quartets preparing the WORLD PREMIERE

Congratulations to Kaylee Maeng,
our 2021 Richard Anshutz Prize Winner

Kaylee Maeng with Kay Pech

With a $500 award, Kaylee is invited to return to our 2022 and 2023 summers tuition free. Read more about the Anshutz Prize.

The video links are above each group photo

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 76, no. 3, 3. Minuet,
04:45 Sarah Wallin Huff….WORLD PREMIERE video
16:00 Piazzolla Libertango

Violinist Aston Kim, Cellist Joseph Sung, Violinist Eunice Sung and Violist Melody Sun

00:00 Sarah Wallin Huff Wabi-Sabi …WORLD PREMIERE
10:50 Harold Arlen It’s Only a Paper Moon video

Cellist Devan Jacobsen, Violinists Kaylee Maeng and Caleb Fong, and Violist Dylan Jacobsen

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 74, no. 1, 3. Minuet
5:00 Sarah Wallin Huff Wabi-Sabi WORLD PREMIERE video

Composer Sarah Wallin Huff with Violinists Joshua Kim and Lin-Chun Wang, Violist Brian Ryu and Cellist Ethan Irianto

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 33, no. 5, 3. Scherzo
03:45 William Grant Still “Summerland”…..video

Violinist Dallas Chu, Violist Harriet Lai, Cellist Arianna Lai and Violinist Aric Hongyi Xiao

00:00 Lisa Bielawa The Trojan Women, 1. Hecuba
04:20 Piazzolla Libertango video

Violinist Daniel Apolonio, Cellists Annabelle Su and Samantha Ko, Violinist Ethan Lin

00:00 Haydn String Quartet in D Major, op. 71, no. 1, 3. Minuet
03:30 Kodaly Gavotte, 06:15 Moehlmann Pizzicato Pete video

Violinists Ian Li and Tirzah Nguyen with Cellists Joshua Fong and Isaac Li

Works by Haydn and Livingston Gearhart

Violinists Ariana Perez and Elaine Nguyen, Bassist Maggie Nguyen, Cellist Nathan Lin and Violist Sabrina Lin

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 76, no. 5, 3. Minuet
04:05 Livingston Gearhart Suite Land of Liberty video

Violist Sabrina Lin, Cellist Nathan Lin, Double Bassist Meggie Nguyen, Violinists Elaine Nguyen and Kay Pech

00:00 Joan Jeanrenaud “Knock”
07:25 Jon Jeffrey Grier “A Skeleton in the Closet”….video

Cellists Eric Fong and Martin Chrisman, Violinists Sun-Joon Han and Connor Ho

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 2o, no. 1, 3. Minuet
05:20 Shirl Jae Atwell Continuen, 3. Moderate Jazz Swing video

Violinist Aaron Ogawa, Cellist Julia Kleindorfer with Violinists Emma Lee and Chloe Wei

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 76, no. 1, 3. Minuet
03:50 Geoffrey Hudson Rumble Seat video

We love including families! (left to right) Cellist Isaac Chun, Violist Sam Rezaeian, Violinists Audrey and Victoria Chun

00:00 Haydn String Trio in D Major, Hob. XVI/42, 2. Moderate
03:00 Gwyneth Walker Short Set, 4. Rhythm and Blues video

Violist Christina So, Cellist Karina Gomez-Torres, and Violinist David Doo

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 20, no. 4, 3. Minuet
02:00 Hudson Starting Point, 03:40 Piazzolla Oblivion video

Violist Jacob Wong, Cellist Josephine Velez and Violinists Aydin Lee and David Wang

00:00 Haydn String Quartet, op. 33, no. 5, 3. Scherzo
03:50 Piazzolla Libertango video

Violist Jarrett Huang, Cellist Nina Wu with Violinists Joel Kim and Esther Wu

00:00 Haydn String Quartet in D Major, op. 20, no. 1, 3. Minuet
04:55 Kodaly Gavotte, 07:45 Moehlmann Pizzicato Pete video

Violist Jayden Yeo, Violinist Evan Kim, Cellist Christopher Gomez and Violinist Bella Huang

00:00 Haydn String Quartet “The Joke,” op. 33, no. 2, 4. Presto
04:20 William Grant Still “Summerland” video

Cellist Sophia Slott with Violinists Lola Yan and Sergio Gomez and Kerry Wang

World’s Best Garage-Band
Melody solved the problem of wind blowing her pages! See the wind flapping Eunice’s pages?

The perfect way to develop a chamber music team: two-on-two during break time.
Packing up after a long hot rehearsal: Sun-Joon, Eric, Martin and Connor

A solid foundation: Meggie and Nathan

He struts around until we give him a “close up.”
Chun Family with violist Sam Rezaeian
Prof. Esther Back mentors our musicians
In our 2021 Summer Sessions Prof. Ho provided 30 minutes of guidance in jazz improvisation!
Prof. Leslie Ho has a wide range of skills and musical taste. Here he demonstrates jazz “chops” as well as spiccato finesse.
Chamber Music Coaches: Esther Back (cello), Leslie Ho (violin/viola), Sarah Wallin Huff (featured composer in 2021, violin/viola), Christopher Wybenga (cello), Kay Pech (violin/viola)
Our cello coach, Prof. Esther Back, demonstrates what classical bow styles are needed for Haydn

Many Thanks!

We are grateful for the generous contributions from our donors who have made these two weeks of chamber music tuition-free for our selected performers.
Donald Ambroson
Jonathan Andreas
Marc L. Andreas Family Foundation
Dennis and Nancy Apolonio
Cynthia Greer
The Hennings Fischer Foundation
Leslie Ho
Randy Jones
Hojing and Helena Kim
Wen Ju Lee and Yuh Chun Lin
Marilyn Armstrong McElligott
The Miranda Family Library
Susan Owen Paxton
Kay Pech
Sukhyeun Sung and Jin Lee
Apple Lin
Jonathan Sun
Sarah Wallin Huff
June Xu

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