2022 Photos and Videos

of our July 24 Concert at the Nixon Presidential Library Theater


In front on left, Abby Trinh, Richard Mott and Tiffanie Chang
Standing behind, Aric Hongyi Xiao and Ten Gu

VIDEO of String Quintet in C Minor, K. 406, 4. Allegro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Simple Symphony, 2. Playful Pizzicato
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Aric Hongyi Xiao and Abby Trinh, violin; Ten Gu and Tiffanie Chang, viola
Richard Mott, cello

In front: Violinist Becky Wang, Cellist Phoebe Kensicki
Standing in back: Violist Jayden Yeo and Violinist Jarden Pan

VIDEO of String Quartet in B-flat Major, K. 159, 3. Rondo
W. A. Mozart
The Syncopated Clock
Leroy Anderson (1908-1975)
Dorothy Wang and Jarden Pan, violin; Jayden Yeo2, viola; Phoebe Kensicki, cello

In front: violinist Evan Kim and Cellist Jack Burmahln
In back: Violinist Aston Kim and Violist Jerry Sun

VIDEO of String Quartet in B-flat Major, K. 589, 1. Allegro
W. A. Mozart
Anything Goes
Cole Porter (1891-1964)
Aston Kim and Evan Kim, violin; Jerry Sun, viola;  Jack Burmahln, cello

Seated in front, Violinist Eunice Sung and Cellist Sofia Roncancio
Standing in back, Violist Janell Lim and Violinist Ivana Chacon

VIDEO of String Quartet in C Major, K. 465, 3. Rondo
W. A. Mozart
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Harold Arlen (1905-1986) 
Eunice Sung and Ivana Chacon, violin; Janelle Lim, viola; Sofia Roncancio, cello

In front, Violinist Michael King and Cellist Caitlin Walsh
Standing in back, Violinist Joel Kim and Violist Elliott Kim

VIDEO of String Quartet in F Major, K. 590, 1. Allegro moderato
W. A. Mozart
Night and Day
Cole Porter
Joel Kim and Michael King, violin; Elliott Kim, viola; Caitlin Walsh, cello

Cellist Ethan Irianto, Violinist Dallas Chu, Violist Bradley Son, Violinist Becky Liu

VIDEO of String Quartet in G Major, K. 387, 4. Molto Allegro
W. A. Mozart
It’s Only a Paper Moon (1933)
Harold Arlen, arr. 2002 Bert Ligon
Rebecca Liu and Dallas Chu, violin; Bradley Son, viola; Ethan Irianto, cello

Memories of July 8-24, 2022

We want to play together! But COVID kept testing our attempts at staying healthy, we lost a violinist the first morning of rehearsals…. Because we had to bring in two violinists who had very little time to prepare, at the concert we awarded

to Michael King and Jarden Pan, who were given $100 scholarships each to return next summer.

Kay Pech presents awards to Jarden Pan and Michael King
Faculty: Esther Back, Kay Pech, Leslie Ho, David Xiao-Qiang Pan
Faculty: Esther Back, Kay Pech, Leslie Ho, David Xiao-Qiang Pan

We rehearsed outdoors, we rehearsed indoors in air-conditioning (we prefer!)
Even the place where we rehearsed outdoors on the back patio fell victim to three members of that household got COVID, so, of course, we didn’t go in!

We wore our masks and strained to hear what someone was saying under his mask…

We tried playing the way the coach was demonstrating….

After five rehearsals, we provided a 2 pm concert July 24 at the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda. Thank you to all who came to our free concert. Five of our string quartets plus a viola quintet prepared movements by Mozart….plus an encore!

Richard Anshutz Award

We always honor a student with the Richard Anshutz Award. Selected by the faculty and awarded to a 2nd year (or more) high quality musician, you may read about our winner(s) HERE: Dallas Chu, Joel Kim, Evan Kim, and Ethan Irianto.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791
Violinists Aric Hongyi Xiao and Abby Trinh, Cellist Richard Mott, Violists Ten Gu and Tiffanie Chang
Aric, Abby, Rich, Tiffanie & Ten Gu

Violinist Rebecca Liu, Cellist Ethan Irianto, Violist Bradley Son and Violinist Dallas Chu
Violinist Aston Kim, Cellist Jack Burmahln, Violinist Evan Kim and Violist Jerry Sun
Aston, Jack, Jerry and Evan in rehearsal
Violinist Dorothy Wang, Cellist Phoebe Kensicki, Violinist Jarden Pan and Violist Jayden Yeo
Violist Elliott Kim, Violinist Joel Kim, Cellist Caitlin Walsh, Violinist Michael King
Leslie Ho sharing some Improvisational Insights with Joel, Caitlin Elliott and Michael
Joel and Caitlin rehearsing
Joel, Caitlin, Elliott and Michael
Violinists Ivana Chacon and Eunice Sung, Cellist Sofia Roncancio and Violist Janelle Lim
Violinists Eunice Sung and Ivana Chacon
Violinist Ivana Chacon
Cellist Sofia Roncancio
Rehearsing a movement of Mozart
Prof. Ho helping Eunice’s quartet develop “a story.”
Artist-teacher Leslie Ho works with violinist Joel Kim
Our artist-teacher Dr. Esther Back
Kay Pech and Dr. David Xiao-Qiang Pan coaching the Mozart Viola Quintet
Violinists Aric Hongyi Xiao and Abby Trinh, Cellist Richard Mott, Violists Ten Gu and
Tiffanie Chang with coaches Dr. Pan and Kay Pech

Follow the path to CHAMBER MUSIC !!!

Eunice and Sofia

How Jack manages to see his music, measure by measure

Many Thanks!
We are grateful for the generous contributions from our donors who have provided every participant with a $100 scholarship.

Dr. Donald and Tamara Ambroson
Jonathan Andreas
Marc L. Andreas Foundation
Cynthia Greer
The Hennings Fischer Foundation
Emily Irianto
Richard Mott
Amazon Smile
David Xiao-Qiang Pan
Susan Owen Paxson
Kay Pech

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