2019 Photos

Photo memories of our concert July 21 at 3 pm in the Malibu Room of the Cerritos Park East, 13234 E. 166th Street. We’ve included some of our photos as we rehearse from July 9-20 in preparation for our July 21 chamber music concert.

2019 Faculty: Kay Pech, Kevin Kumar (masterclass), Esther Chu, Leslie Ho
Not in photo: Sarah Wallin Huff and Donald Ambroson
The Malibu Room in Cerritos Park East…a room full of very appreciative listeners
Mozart String Quartet in C Major, I. Allegro, III. Presto, K157 [1772]
(L to R) Kerry Wang, violin; Oooju Robinson, cello; Chris John, violin;
Jarrett Huang, viola

video of Mozart Quartet

Curtis Liu,
winner of the Marc Andreas Prize

Before our Premiere Quartet presented the “world premiere” of the winning composition by Curtis Liu, he explained “Aaron’s Adventure” and how he was inspired to write it. The Marc Andreas Prize includes a recording and live performance.

video of Curtis Liu composition, “Aaron’s Adventure”

(L to R) Hannah Velez and John Son, violin; Jared Weissberg, cello;
Melody Sun, viola; Curtis Liu, composer; Sarah Wallin Huff, composition faculty
Haydn String Quartet in D Major, op. 33/6, Hob. III:42, III. Scherzo, IV. Finale
(L to R) violinist Mary Chiaverini, cellist Richard Mott, violinist Jane Tudor, and violist Rebecca Prichard

video of Haydn Quartet

Kleczyński String Trio in C Major, op. 4/1 [1797], I. Allegro moderato, II. Andante, III. Menuetto and Trio; Dallas Chu, violin; Sophia Slott, cello; Peyton Tan, viola

video of Kleczynski Trio

Dallas Chu, violin; Sophia Slott, cello; Peyton Tan, viola
Dotzauer String Trio No. 2, op. 111 [1833]: Aaron Ogawa, violin; Joseph Sung, cello; Peter Tan, viola

video of Dotzauer Trio

Aaron Ogawa, violin; Peter Tan, viola; Joseph Sung, cello
Turina quartet
Turina: The Bullfighter’s Prayer, “La Oración del torero,” Op. 34 [1925]
(L to R) Christian Ton & Jacob Wong, viola; Amara Miranda, violin; Josie Velez, cello

video of the Turina quartet

Brahms String Quartet No. 2 in A Minor, Op. 51/2 [1873]
Hannah Velez and John Son, violin; Jared Weissberg, cello; Melody Sun, viola

video of Brahms quartet

(L to R) Jared Weissberg, Hannah Velez, Melody Sun and John Son
(L to R) Jared Weissberg, Hannah Velez, Melody Sun and John Son
Schubert String Quintet in C Major, op. 163 [1828]
(L to R) Magdaline Kovalchuk, cello; Brian Sui, violin; Jerlene Hsueh, cello;
Caleb Pong, violin; Matthew Chong, viola

video of the Schubert Quintet

Award Winners

Dr. Donald Ambroson, CMIsc board member and a student of Richard Anshutz, presented the Richard Anshutz Memorial Scholarship Award
Hannah Velez and Jared Weissberg won The Richard Anshutz Memorial Scholarship, awarded by the faculty. It is presented to a high quality musician, returning for a second (or more) summer, who demonstrates enthusiasm, dedication to completing a task and makes the effort to go above and beyond the call of duty as a musician. This Scholarship provides a full tuition grant. You may learn more about Richard Anshutz here
ASTA Scholars (L to R) Cellist Joseph Sung, cellist Sophia Slott, cellist Magdaline Kovalchuk, violinists Dallas Chu and Amara Miranda. These scholarships are provided for students of ASTA members to help us achieve the instrumentation needed for our ensembles.
Five grateful musicians thank the Hennings-Fischer Foundation for their generous help in providing full scholarships. In addition, our Masterclasses for 13 of our musicians in several of our ensembles was provided by funds from the Hennings-Fischer Foundation. (L to R) Josie Velez (cello), Hannah Velez (violin), Jerlene Hsueh (cello), John Son (violin), Jared Weissberg (cello).

Post-concert photos

Jerlene Hsueh with her proud cello teacher, Daniel Smith
Matthew Chong (9 summers with CMIsc) and Jerlene Hsueh (7 summers)
Dotzauer Trio (L to R) Peter Tan, Kay Pech, Joseph Sung, Aaron Ogawa
Remember Samuel Victoria from previous summers? He came to hear us again!
Matthew Chong, Kay Pech and Jerlene Hsueh

Leslie Ho Masterclass July 17

Preparing the Schubert Quintet in C Major: violinists Brian Sui and Caleb Pong with cellists Magdaline Kovalchuk and Jerlene Hsueh, as well as (not shown) violist Matthew Chong
Brian Sui and Caleb Pong with cellist Magdaline Kovalchuk
Caleb leads…every player from every position learns when to project their sound, how to cue the others, and when to follow
cellist Jerlene Hsueh with violist Matthew Chong
The rhythm in second cello compels the quintet to be disciplined and not rush too forward
Always demonstrating, always searching for a new “color” or sound with his bow, Prof. Ho kept urging all to try new ideas
Schubert String Quintet in C Major, rehearsal of I. Allegro ma non troppo
Caleb Pong, violin; Jerlene Hsueh, cello; Matthew Chong, viola; Magdaline Kovalchuk, cello; and Brian Sui, violin
Break time

Kevin Kumar Masterclass July 16

Kevin Kumar working with the quartet preparing Turina’s “Bullfighter’s Prayer”
Kumar showing violinist Amara Miranda how to start a pianissimo: “bring the violin up to the bow”
Cellist Josie Perez plays very expressively….”the bull!”
violinist Amara Miranda, violist Christian Ton, masterclass teacher Kevin Kumar, violist Jacob Wong and cellist Josie Velez
Kumar demonstrating the tone quality and style need for Brahms for violinist Hannah Velez
violinists John Son and Hannah Velez with masterclass teacher Kevin Kumar, cellist Jared Weissberg and violist Melody Sun

Marc Andreas Prize Winner — Curtis Liu

The winning composition this summer is “Aaron’s Adventure” and it is a fun piece with great rhythmic challenges for our Premiere Quartet. Funded by Marc Andreas, Curtis Liu will receive a recording and the premiere performance on July 21.

Rehearsal of “Aaron’s Adventure” with composer Curtis Liu making his suggestions.
Composer Curtis Liu, violinists Hannah Velez and John Son, cellist Jared Weissberg, violist Melody Sun and composition prof Sarah Wallin Huff
Preparing the Kleczyński String Trio, op. 4, no. 1 are violist Peyton Tan, cellist Sophia Slott and violinist Dallas Chu
Sophia Slott
violinist Dallas Chu
violist Peyton Tan
String players taking a break……….playing piano!
Life-long learning…you’re never too old or too young to learn more about music. Violinists Jane Tudor and Mary Chiaverini, cellist Richard Mott and violist Rebecca Prichard are rehearsing the String Quartet in C Major, op. 33, no. 6 by Haydn.
A rare treat…a String Trio by Dotzauer which really gives Joseph Sung a workout! Shown here: violist Peter Tan, cellist Joseph Sung and violinist Aaron Ogawa.
Cellist Joseph Sung
Violist Peter Tan
violinist Aaron Ogawa
A young quartet learning to play a young Mozart work: K. 157, 1. Allegro & 3. Presto—violinists Chris John and Kerry Wang, cellist Oooju Robinson and violist Jarrett Huang.
Prof Leslie Ho coaches “The Bullfighter’s Prayer” by Turina. The quartet includes violinist Amara Miranda and violists Christian Ton and Jacob Wong with cellist Josie Velez.
Trying a new seating arrangement….
Schubert String Quintet…violinists Brian Sui and Caleb Pong with cellist Magdaline Kovalchuk
Schubert String Quintet…cellists Magdaline Kovalchuk and Jerlene Hsueh sound great together! and then add violist Matthew Chong and the sound is lush!

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